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We’re a real estate service, which should be a surprise to no one! Bushwick is a boutique real estate firm and while we navigate these crazy markets smoothly and effectively we are not the first ones to do it. Surely not, you cry! But it’s true, real estate actually has a long and impressive history, dating back to when humans still lived in caves! There have been signs found in cave drawings among ancient peoples which show a sort of currency exchange for shelter. Arguably, this is the start of real estate.


In more recent real estate history and marking one of the best deals in history was the Louisiana purchase in 1803. This was the first major real estate acquisition made by the U.S. After paying a cool $15M, or $18 per square mile. That was the one of the best transactions in history both from a military standpoint and financially!

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In 1855 the first real estate brokerage was established and by 1908 that then became the National Association of Real Estate Agents (the predecessor of today’s National Association of Realtors). Relatively quickly, local and multiple listing services started springing up in different states, which are still implemented today

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Importantly, by the 1990’s we saw a huge game-changer for real estate:online listings. Thank goodness for the internet – right? From the start of the new millennium it would make searching for your next home even easier, imagine house hunting now without the internet!

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While the history of real estate is long and impressive we are here working through the crazy markets and even crazier pandemic. Even with all that going on Bushwick is still getting things done during historic times! If you’ve learned anything new we’d love to hear from you! Send us a comment or share the knowledge!