Everyone knows the most important room in the house is the kitchen.  It’s where our sustenance comes from, and these days of great rooms and open concept, family life flows in and out of it easily.  Does that automatically make it the favorite room in the house?  It certainly could be because we gather with our whole family there, and if you like cooking then it brings a great amount of joy as well.

My favorite room isn’t our kitchen.  I like my kitchen as much as I like most rooms in our house.  It is where our family gathers on those rare occasions when all the kids are home from their various parts of the world….and I like the way it looks and flows.  The guest bedrooms are the nicest I’ve ever had and are put together beautifully in soft, relaxing shades, coordinating furniture, candles, and pillows, but my favorite room in the house is…..

The Basement!  I never thought I would say that but it’s true!  Our house was built in 1932 and sometime before the 1970’s the basement was transformed into an old time saloon!  I love it.  Wood ceiling, log cabin walls, wood floor, wood bar, a mirror behind the bar, saloon doors….a place you can dress up or dress down…I prefer the dressed down look. 

I’m probably the only person in the family that actually uses the room, but every time I go through those saloon doors….I feel at home.

Do you have a favorite room in your home?  Which one?  Got a pic?