Even as we start opening back up and getting to our “normal” we still have time on our hands before we start back up. What better way to spend your time than to get crafty and have a little pop here and there with what you make!? All of these ideas are relatively easy to do, grab your partner, friend, pets, and heck – even your plants and knock out a few of these. If you try any or if you have any other ideas that you’d like to share with the rest of us, let us know! We’d love to hear from you~

Most of us drink coffee, if you’re familiar, there are sometimes coffee cup filters. We have a lot, mine even explode out of my cupboard when I go for another! So – why not use these? Back in the daycoffee filter flowers were the rage among my friends, they are simple and easy to craft and they look pretty awesome too! You’ll need coffee filters (go figure!) to make the bulk of the craft. Imagine your permanent bouquet of flowers – that you made.


Ready to make your room your own? Making your own giant and paper mache monograms are one of the easiest and room enhancing craft that you and your family can whip together! Whatever letter or word you make, you can brighten and personalize your rooms, you can even use our previous craft to decorate your monogram or letters!


Got fruit and flowers? Do you have an extra tote that needs some sprucing? Or even an old shirt? Perfect – us too! Take those old, drab items and add a splash of color and excitement to them. They’re your own! Make them special.You can hammer down some pigments from your flowers and transfer the look onto your fabric – or dip your hands, paws, fruit or flowers in some paint and stamp them with your own personal prints.


There’s still time for us to get some quality craft time together. Let’s make the best of what we have -right NOW- and spend it wisely. Pop a bit of color and pizazz in your life with a few easy crafts that you and whoever else can make together. Enjoy what we have! If you enjoy making any of our ideas above, share them with us. We would love to see some colors popping from your great crafts!