Looking For Summer Maintenance Projects?  Here Are Some to Consider

Winter home preparation and maintenance often get more attention because the damage done by frozen pipes and stripped gutters are costly repairs. However, did you know that your home needs TLC in the summer just as much as in the winter? Yep. Especially for those homeowners planning on selling soon. Let’s take a look at some summer projects that will get your house in top shape and increase curb appeal.

For much of the country, summer is when people look for any excuse to be outside. And for homeowners, the sunny days provide ample opportunities to get their properties in tip-top shape. If you’re unsure where to begin, start with a summer maintenance checklist and methodically work your way through. 

Pressure wash

Wet winters, mild springs, and warm summers provide the perfect breeding ground for all types of mold and fungus. You’ve likely seen houses with their shaded walls boasting green hues. If your home is sporting an unnatural shade of green, you need to put power washing on your list. While it may seem like just an eyesore, that mold is damaging your home’s siding, eating away the finish if left too long.

Siding is not the only area that can use a good pressure wash. Walkways, driveways, brick walls, stone enclosures; all of these areas benefit from washing. Over time, moss, mold, fungus, and plain old dirt build-up on stone and cement surfaces, causing them to discolor. If left too long, moss and mildew can damage stone, cement, and brickwork, weakening their integrity as they grow out of tiny fissures. The great thing about pressure washing is that you can get your entire property done in a weekend, and it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. And if you’re listing your home soon, Seattle, WA, realtors will tell you that pressure washing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Paint the exterior

Pressure washing also primes your home’s exterior, creating a clean canvas to paint. Chipped paint makes a home look dismal and unkempt, so you’d be wise to invest in a fresh coat before prepping to sell. Your home’s exterior is what makes the first impression, and if your home needs a new paint job, prospective buyers will have a difficult time getting past the front door. 

Tend your yard

Spring rains tend to make even the most well-kept yards unruly. If a wet winter and spring have made your trees and shrubs grow with abandon, it’s time to tame them back with a trim. And if your plant beds are overgrown, now is the time to weed, trim, and plant. An overgrown yard is not only an eyesore, but it easily makes yards look smaller than they are.

Gutter maintenance

If you missed prepping your gutters for winter, you might have some pieces missing or strange growths popping up. When debris accumulates in your gutters, it creates the perfect bed for plant growth. It’s not unusual to see plant shoots and seedlings popping up from gutter wells. You don’t want this, so take the time to clear your gutters and perform maintenance. This is also a good time to look into having gutter guards installed if you don’t already.

While this is not an exhaustive list of summer maintenance, it’s surely enough to get you started. Once you’ve completed the big projects, take a walk around your home with a discriminating eye, or invite a friend to take a look. Tiny details like loose fencing or tarnished hardware are easily missed when you look at them each day.