What to Expect When You’re Inspecting! 

Did you know that if doors or windows don’t open right it could be a sign that a home is settling poorly? A home inspector will share all kinds of interesting facts like that in a home inspection. Let’s face it, no matter how well a home has been cared for, there may be issues uncovered in an inspection, but the inspection process can run smoothly if you know what to expect when you’re inspecting!

The purpose of your home inspection is to get an overview of the condition of the property, and educate you on it so you can make an informed decision about buying.  Sometimes defects uncovered may be serious and need immediate attention. Some issues may just need to be addressed with normal maintenance. 

An inspector will check out the property’s major systems as well as the overall condition. For example, how old is the roof, and what is its life expectancy based on the condition?  What about the furnace, and hot water heater? When was the furnace last serviced? How long before a homeowner might need to buy a new one? Do the chimneys work? Has the home’s electrical system been serviced or updated? Does the home have missing handrails or gutters? Stained carpeting? Broken floor tiles? Are there cracks in the foundation that are normal or signs of a problem? Is the water pressure adequate?  Are there any water leakage/damage issues in the home? As you can see, after an inspection, you will have extensive knowledge of the property you are considering.

There are areas of a property that a home inspection will not cover such as pools, dehumidifiers, and solar panels. There are also areas where further inspection by a professional, qualified to perform a more comprehensive review of the issue, may be necessary. For example, if a home inspector finds potential pest infestation or fungal growth in the home, they’ll likely recommend that you contact a professional who specializes in this area.

It’s not necessary to attend the home inspection, but most buyers like to see firsthand any major issues that the inspector finds. Don’t worry if you can’t attend though, the inspector does issue a very detailed report with pictures to show what the inspection has uncovered.

Also, it’s a common misconception that a home inspector will give a home a “pass” or “fail”. Many buyers ask “is this a good home?” Home inspectors won’t offer their recommendations on whether or not you should buy a property.  However, they can provide valuable advice about the condition of the home to help you make this decision.

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